Photo Gallery: New Zealand South Island

Here are some of our favorite shots from our travels around New Zealand’s South Island in 2013.

Most images made with Canon Rebel XT DSLR camera (the XT is several years old, here is the current entry level model) and a Sigma 18-250 zoom lens. We found this combination to be a great travel photography kit. The Sigma 18-250 is small and light and covers a huge range from wide angle to telephoto, all for a really reasonable price. Some shots also with iPhone 4 and 4S.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: New Zealand South Island

  1. Hello! Very inspirational post as my hubby & I would very much loooove to bring our twins to NZ too in a campervan around the country. I’m keen to know which backpacks are you carrying that allows your twins to be on your backs? Also, would you be so kind to briefly share your itinerary that you followed, considering traveling with two little ones? Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Eunice. Go for it!! We very much need to write a whole post, or more, about our New Zealand travels. We absolutely LOVED that trip. In fact, that trip is really what inspired us to go for our long term adventure in SE Asia.

      We started on the North Island for about a week. We flew into Auckland, but didn’t spend any real time there. Just picked up the van, bought some supplies, and headed out. We went to the glow worm caves, Lord of the Rings Hobbiton set, Rotorua, then down through Taupo to Tongariro Nat’l Park. After that we kept heading south through Martinborough (vineyards), and on to Wellington. From Wellington we took the car ferry across to the South Island and spent another 2 weeks down there. From the harbor we went along the Queen Charlotte Dr then down to the wine country in Renwick/Belnheim area. Then back up through Nelson to Abel Tasman. After Abel Tasman we continued down the west coast, through the glaciers (do a helicopter tour!!), and on to Queenstown. Then Milford Sound, and across to the east coast and Otago Peninsula for some penguins. Finally we traveled up the east coast to Christchurch and flew out from there.

      It was a fast itinerary for sure. We were moving just about every day. I think 3 weeks is the minimum for covering that amount of ground, at least with young kids.

      Our backpacks were Kelty frame packs with both kid compartments and some spots for other gear like lunches, jackets, etc. Ours are older, but similar to these. These newer ones seem to have added a sun shade which is awesome!

      We’ll try to get some real posts up about our trip, so stay tuned. But definitely go for it! Feel free to drop us a line directly if you have more questions too.


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