Relaxing at Charleston’s Brittlebank Park

This post is part of a series about things to do with kids in Charleston, SC.

Brittlebank Park

Some days you’re just looking for something easy and fun.  Brittlebank Park fit the bill for us – it was across the street from the hotel (easy) and had a big playground as well as fishing pier (fun).

Charleston Brittlebank Park

Kate was in talks at her conference so with Mommy away we of course started the day with some pretty epic jumping on the bed festivities.  I was honestly impressed with the amount of air these kids got.

Pre-Brittlebank Bed Jumping

After an hour or so of that (no joke) we made our way over to Brittlebank Park.  The park is located right on the shores of the Ashley River and it has beautiful views and a refreshing breeze.  There’s a few picnic tables in a shady area below the pines and a big open field.

Charleston Brittlebank Park

The main attraction for kids is a large, relatively new playground.  The playground has two main play structures – one for smaller kids and one for slightly older ones, though our 3-yr olds navigated most parts of both just fine.

There’s a small sandbox and a couple of swings as well (just one toddler swing though).  The play structures and swings are all located over either wood chips or a rubberized surfacing so stumbles are mostly harmless.

Charleston Brittlebank Park

Beyond the playground there is a long wood-decked fishing pier that juts into the river at the far end of the park.

J&A got a kick out of chucking shells and leaves into the river below.  There was a seemingly endless supply of little shells stuck between the planks of the pier, and running on and off the pier to get more leaves was a game in itself.

The pier is also a terrific spot for pictures.

Charleston Brittlebank Park

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Brittlebank Park Logistics

  • Brittlebank Park Website
  • Cost: Free!
  • Getting There: The park is on Lockwood Boulevard across from the Marriott (tall hotel, says “Marriott” on top – good landmark!) and has plenty of free parking.


[box type=”info”] Logistics items are intended to be accurate as of the date of the post. Please check the links above for current specifics at the time of your visit.[/box]

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