Orchids Resort: Boracay Beach Resort On A Budget

Orchids Boracay Beach Resort
White Beach awaits a short walk from Orchids Resort.

We are trying to travel on $100 per day or less as a family of four. That is an all-in budget and includes daily expenses as well as transportation costs like airfare.

We expect that in some places on our list, like Australia, it will be difficult or impossible to meet our $100 per day goal.

That means that in less expensive places we need to aim for even lower than $100 per day if we want to average out to that budget over the long term.

Accommodation costs are a major component of travel expenses. That’s why, when searching for a Boracay beach resort we were so excited to find Orchids Resort Boracay.

At Orchids Resort we were able to stay in our own native-style nippa cottage just a very short walk from the glorious White Beach for under $18 per night.

Orchids Boracay Beach Resort – Location

Orchids Resort Boracay is located near White Beach Boat Station Three.

For us this location was ideal for a Boracay beach resort, especially for family travel. Station 3 is far quieter and more laid back than Station 1 and 2. It’s also more budget friendly for food and drinks.

Orchids Boracay Beach Resort | Walking down the path to White Beach
Walking down the path to White Beach.

The resort itself is down a mostly sand pedestrian path just behind the beach. We never actually timed the walk from Orchids Resort to the beach, but it was easily under 5 minutes to the beach even with the kids.

Directly to the right as you exit the path onto the beach is a little place called Shantal’s Resto. Shantal’s became a favorite for us because of the super friendly service, 30 peso beers during happy hour (2-8 p.m. every day), and to-die-for mango pancakes.

There are several other awesome restaurants within a 5-7 minute walk including Hey Jude, Treehouse, and Mario’s Pizza. We’ll write about these dining spots in more detail in a separate post soon.

There’s a shortcut to the main road behind the resort. Continue along the walkway past cottage #20 (it looks like you’re going into a staff-only area but it’s ok) and through the gate to find a path up some steps, over the hill, and out to the main road. It’s a steep climb, but it gets you to the main road in just a couple of minutes (compared to 10-15 minutes if you walk down the beach). When you reach the main road from the shortcut turn left and you’ll find a pastry shop about 1 minute further walk with delicious rolls and buns for about 5 pesos each.

Overall we really liked the location of Orchids Resort. It had the convenience of being very near White Beach but still provided some respite from the hustle and bustle. Our dream Boracay beach resort!

Our Room

Our cottage at Orchids Resort was one of three similar sized detached units facing a pretty orchid garden. The cottage had one large main room and a small ensuite bathroom.

The main room included two beds: one twin and one double (great for family travel). There was also a desk with a chair in one corner and a small shelf with rod for hanging clothes.

Orchids Boracay Beach Resort | Cottage Interior

Our Orchids Resort cottage did not have air conditioning but we found it comfortable most of the time with the included oscillating fan.

[box] The windows had screens but there were several other pathways for critters to join us inside the cottage. Understanding this is a traditional style building meant to “breathe” we weren’t bothered by our visitors, but if the occasional creepy crawly will freak you out then maybe look elsewhere.[/box]

We hung mosquito nets that we brought from home which helped keep our beds bug-free at night.

The best part of the hut was the front porch. It was a big space with bamboo hammock, table, chair, and bench. We ate breakfast on the porch almost every day.

Orchids Boracay Beach Resort | Cottage Porch


The porch also came in really useful at nap time when we could put the kids to sleep inside and then go hang out with a couple of cold beers while they slept.

The bathroom was basic but functional. Nice hot shower and western style toilet.

The space was great for our family. There was a lot of room both inside and outside for us, our stuff, and for the kids to to run around and roughhouse without causing too much trouble.

The cottage itself and all of the furniture inside and out was made of bamboo. Pretty neat!

Orchids Resort Amenities

Orchids is a Boracay beach resort and the main amenity really is White Beach just down the path, but we did enjoy plenty of time relaxing at the resort itself.

Across the lovely orchid garden from the cottages is the “L” shaped main building which is two stories tall and houses several guestrooms as well as the reception area and kitchen.

Orchids Boracay Beach Resort | The view of the orchid garden from our porch.
The view of the orchid garden from our porch.

There’s a small patio dining area in the garden adjacent to the reception desk.

The staff can cook for you with some notice to buy ingredients, with the exception of breakfast which you can order without advance notice.

The Orchids Resort breakfasts were great. We had hot breakfast delivered to our porch table nearly every morning. Two plates of eggs, bacon, juice, and toast at 130 pesos each (about $3) fed all four of us.

Ask for the juice as powder-only (no water) and mix it with your own bottled water. We learned the hard way that they typically mix it with tap water and our fresh-off-the-plane stomachs were not up to the challenge.

Tea and coffee is free all day.

We love Orchids Resort Boracay.

We truly enjoyed our time at Orchids Resort. The staff, and Jerry and Junn in particular, went out of their way to engage with the kids and help us with whatever we needed.

We wanted a family and budget friendly Boracay beach resort near White Beach with some local character. Orchids Resort nailed that description.

Friendly and helpful staff, super location, and amazing value made us very happy we chose to travel to Boracay and stay at Orchids Resort. It was certainly one of our best family beach vacations!

If you’re after something different though, there are a ton of options on Boracay. Find yourself an awesome resort just your style and start packing!

Note: We were clear in our initial discussions via email with Orchids that we were travel bloggers and intended to write about our stay. We did not receive any compensation from Orchids, and we believe we paid the “going rate” for our cottage. From our observations of how they treated other guests we don’t believe we received any special treatment – we think they’re nice to everyone!

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