Boracay Oceanarium

Boracay Oceanarium | Trekking with TwinsDue to some passing typhoons in the middle of our visit we were looking for things to do in Boracay in the rain. The Boracay Oceanarium was the perfect way to spend a few hours away from the beach.

Boracay Oceanarium

The Boracay Oceanarium at the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center and claims to have the longest underwater observation tunnel in the Philippines.

Guided tours run on demand throughout the day. When you enter the lobby of the resort turn left and look for a set of stairs going down. The reception desk for the Oceanarium is at the bottom of the stairs and the staff will guide you from there.

They’ve essentially set up a giant aquarium in the basement of the hotel and put a clear tunnel through the middle of it. The twins loved looking up as sharks and other sea creatures swam overhead.

Boracay Oceanarium | Trekking with Twins

There are also several smaller tanks along the walls at the beginning and end of the tunnel with other fish and sea creatures inside.

After the tour of the tunnel you get a snack in their aquatic-themed restaurant. The restaurant is adjacent to the aquarium tank and has big windows so you can still see into the water and observe the creatures.

Oceanarium Mermaid Show

Most days at 11 a.m. they have a mermaid show, so definitely try to time your visit to see the show (confirm showtime before you go). We arrived at about 10:15 a.m. and it worked out perfectly. We arrived in the restaurant just in time to see the mermaids.

Boracay Oceanarium | Trekking with Twins

The show involves a couple of lovely mermaids swimming and doing tricks in the tank while you watch from the restaurant. Jasper and Aurora ate this up and really enjoyed watching them twirl and blow bubble kisses.

Getting to the Boracay Oceanarium

The part of the Crown Regency Resort with the Boracay Oceanarium is on the main road near Station 3. There’s another Crown Regency location right on White Beach, but you have to go to the main road location for the Oceanarium. It’s also not near D’Mall (where someone told us it was) – it’s down by Station 3.

Ask a tricycle driver to bring you to the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center and that should do the trick. Most folks we talked to had never heard of the Oceanarium as it’s relatively new.

Boracay Oceanarium

If’ you’re looking for things to do in Boracay, especially in the rain, check out the Oceanarium! We paid 600 pesos ($13) per adult for admission, including the guided tour, mermaid show, and a light lunch (2 plates). Kids were free, but they don’t get extra food.

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7 thoughts on “Boracay Oceanarium

  1. Boracay looks like a fabulous place, but I’m not planning a trip there anytime soon!

    Anyway, it sounds like you’ve moved on already. Looking forward to your next post from somewhere new! Bruce has already told us he and Jane are coming down in January.


    1. You should, Paul, it’s paradise! We are in Palawan now. Lots of good stuff coming on the blog, from Boracay and elsewhere, so stay tuned 🙂


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