Packing for Long Term Family Travel

How do you pack when you plan to travel with kids long term, even indefinitely? In the past we’ve subscribed to the idea that anything beyond a week or two is essentially the same from a packing perspective. While that’s largely the strategy we followed to pack for this adventure, we came across a few complications due to our chosen destinations and the significantly longer time frame. Continue reading Packing for Long Term Family Travel

Things To Do With Kids in Charleston, SC

Though our time in the city was short, we ended up with a good list of things to do with kids in Charleson, SC.  However, we didn’t start out that way.

The plan for our South Carolina trip was pretty simple.  Kate was going to attend a chemistry conference in Charleston for the first part of the week, so the kids and I tagged along to see some sights while Mommy learned about molecules and stuff.

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